Corner Liners

Corner liners are used on the inside of 90° angles in applications where material flowability is important.  The purpose of the corner liners is to smooth the area on the inside of the 90° angles and in doing that, promotes material flow.

Bull-nose Liners

Bullnose liners are manufactured from polyurethane, with a 6mm steel plate backing for stiffness.  


These bullnose liners have enormous weight benefits compared to traditional steel bullnose liners which typically weigh 38kg/m, while our polyurethane liners weigh less than 10kg/m.

Bullnose liners are usually installed on 90° steps inside chutes.  The design and function of the liner is to reduce the energy of the ore, protect the chute’s sharp edges and to form a dead box. Bullnose liners are attached by means of one bolt and nut.

Table Mountain Liners

As with our range of products the Table Mountain Liners are molded and manufactured from polyurethane. The thick “mountain” sections of the liner are used to absorb impact, while the troughs fill with material and act as a dead box.

Table Mountain Liners are manufactured to different sized table mountain liners on request and can be purchased in a standard sheet size, which is 2400 x 1200mm.

Drop-in Liners

Drop-in Liners are used in applications where installation time, installation complexities and water proofing is of utmost importance.

Drop-in liners are manufactured from polyurethane and usually take the shape of a gutter. All etech does not have standard sizes and can be manufactured to our customer’s specification.

Belt Skirting

Belt Skirting are used next to conveyor belts to prevent potential spillage.


Belt Skirting is manufactured using a polyurethane mix, which is soft enough not to damage the rubber conveyor belt.


Belt Skirting is supplied in various thicknesses, ranging from
12 to 20mm.


The skirting is supplied with slots, making the height adjustable when installed.  As the skirting wears off, the height can be adjusted to optimize the life expectancy of the skirting.