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Our Wearliner Products

The Benefits of Polyurethane liners compared to steel liners:

  1. Low Density: The density of polyurethane (1200kg/m3) is approximately 6 times less than steel (7500kg/m3).

  2. Safety: Low density makes it easy and safe to work with and to cut and drill. See how easy it is here

  3. Reduced Installation Time: Customers claim up to a 50% reduction in installation time.

  4. Noise Dampening:  Polyurethane is relatively soft and absorbs energy and reduces noise by as much as 12%.

  5. Customization: Inexpensive to customize liners (low pattern costs).

  6. Maintenance: Wear indicators are built into liners, improving preventative maintenance.

  7. Economics: Polyurethane Liner products reduces cost of initial installations directly and indirectly and reduces ongoing operating costs.

Abrasion is generally a physical, rather than chemical, form of material degradation and as such, abrasive wear occurs when material with hard rough surfaces slides across a softer surface.

Our liners products are designed to be sacrificial in the sense that  the wear liners are installed and applied within areas that are exposed to excessive wear.  The protective Uretech wear liners will therefore wear out, instead of the structure or application components.  

All our wearliner products has excellent abrasion and wear resistance properties, which, subject to specific wear application and environment are, at a minimum, comparable, and in many instances exceed that of traditional steel AR products.  The unique properties of polyurethane however makes it much easier to install and replace lowering the ongoing operating cost and downtime.

Since 2004, several light weight polyurethane wear lining solutions has been developed.  These light weight liners mainly replaces heavy steel liners, which are more difficult to work with.  Our products and solutions include flat liner sheets and a range of “dead-box” liners.  

Dead-box liners are extensively used in bulk material handling applications to either reduce the kinetic energy of particles passing through the applications and / or to use the particles as a wear lining against itself.

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